We are on the anniversary of the earthquake that has deeply saddened all of Turkey and hurt us all deeply. Exactly 1 year ago, not only 10 provinces but actually all of Turkey was affected. We even witnessed the messages and support from all other countries from all over the world. 

The destructive effects of the earthquake shattered not only buildings but also hopes. We have moved away from looking to the future with hope. Instead, fear and anxiety have settled in our hearts. On the anniversary of this painful event, an atmosphere of mourning prevails throughout the country.

We opened our ears to experts in order to regain our personal security in both material, physical and spiritual terms. We listened to earthquake scientists, we listened to managers and planners, and we listened to information systems that predict what will happen in the future. 

Astrological data also came into play here. Of course, I am not an earthquake scientist. But here I will talk about astrological data on earthquakes. At the very beginning, I should state the following. We use the generational planets when analysing events that affect the masses and have long-lasting effects. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto… Well, what are their meanings briefly? Uranus means sudden, unexpected. Neptune means uncertainty. And Pluto means insidious, unseen. In other words, astrologically, it is impossible for us to develop a clear, pinpoint prediction for the events we experience with the concepts of sudden, unexpected and insidious!

Astrology explains the cause. For example, it says that the cause of this event is the planet Neptune. But the cause is actually uncertainty. Astrology gives the answer, but the answer may be uncertainty. This is how we should think. For example, when we analyse the charts of Marlyn Monroe at the time of her death, Neptune stands out. Just like there are many speculations about her death. Or we can also think about the Watergate Scandal. In such cases, we need to develop a different perspective.

We should try to look at the events from a wider perspective. However, a wider perspective may also allow us to see deeper. Planetary nodes come into play here. Declination cycles come into play. It is necessary to examine the triggering transits of previous major planetary conjunctions. I think that by widening the window, we can enable us to see the event more deeply.

In astrology, we find the oldest references to earthquake predictions in Ptolemy. 

The first and strongest cause of such events lies in the conjunction of the Sun and the Moon during an eclipse and the movement of the stars at that moment. Tetrabiblos, Book II

Ptolemy believed that the charts of cities and countries should be analysed against daily transits in order to detect any significant influence on the charts. In particular, he took Capricorn as the ruler of nature and Saturn as the earthquake indicator, which was considered the most important part of the chart in his time.

Now we also have Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. We can also take a heliocentric view of them. We can also use the planetary nodes. In Ptolemy’s time, chorography techniques were used for locational astrology, but now we have astrocartography techniques. In addition, when using the geodetic technique, we do not only use the known world maps of Ptolemy’s time. We are now analysing the whole world and the continents as they are drawn. Nevertheless, we still need to pay attention to the perspectives of classical astrologers. Because there are important meanings there. By understanding their point of view, we need to make applications on our newly developed techniques.

For example, Ptolemy explains that we should look at the planetary stations and the northern terrestrial signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio). “They tend to signify sudden earthquakes and unexpected rains from the sky,” he says.

This is actually an important reference to declination cycles. It summarises that we should record the transit of a planet at the exact moment of its transition to the south or north declination. This transit chart is an anchoring point that will be effective until the year/date of the next transit. If we think in this way, we can improve our predictions about unexpected events.

It’s a chart of the first earthquake. It happened just after the full moon in Leo. At this full moon, the luminaries made T-square aspect with the planet Uranus. Neptune at 20° in the Turkey chart and the Moon at 20° in the earthquake event chart were in exact conjunction in Leo. Of course, the Moon transit is only a trigger. But what is the cause of the trigger? Here we can consider the T-square aspect pattern and the focal planet Uranus. But we need more details. In other words, the event here could have developed not as an earthquake, but as an economic situation. We could also be faced with another shocking event.

When we look at the event chart, we see that the 4th house cusp is in Aries. The 4th house is associated with earth and soil. Mars, the ruler of the Ic degree, is placed in the 6th house. The 6th house is the 3rd house of the 4th house. If we analyse it according to the house derivation system, we see that it is actually the third house of the earth. The third house is the house of movement. Here, the movement of the earth literally explains the earthquake. On the other hand, we observe the disaster dimension of this earthquake from the 11th house. The 11th house is the 8th house of the 4th house. The 8th house explains crises and disasters. For this reason, when we count 8 houses from the 4th house, the 11th house describes the crises and disaster dimension of the events related to the place. In the event chart, this house cusp is in Scorpio. In other words, it is again the sign ruled by Mars.

Mars, on the other hand, is in Gemini, out of bounds, and hasn’t got any dignities. It only has mutual reception with Mercury on the basis of rulership and exaltation. Ptolemy states that if Mercury gains rulership, it can, among other things, provoke cliffs and earthquakes on the earth. Let us keep this infomation in our pockets.

As we can see, the event chart describes the earthquake and disaster situation. However, in order to predict such a situation, it is necessary to check the transits of each day hour by hour. This does not seem possible. We have to widen the perspective a little more. This is where the planetary nodes come into play. Moon nodes are known in astrology, but actually all planets have nodes. Very simply astrology programmes will calculate these nodes for you.

I preferred to look at the nodes of Uranus here. I focused on Uranus because of what I mentioned above. You can also examine other planetary nodes. If you pay attention, the north node of Uranus is directly conjunct Mars in degrees and minutes. We have already mentioned the importance of Mars. This means deepening the transit by widening the perspective.

For those of you who are curious, you may have questions about whether we will use the nodes heliocentrically or geocentrically. I will suggest you to watch Mark Jones’ webinar titled “Planetary Nodes and Earth Events” organised recently by C*I*A.

Apart from this view, let us also analyse the declination cycle. The inner chart in the image is the chart of Uranus at the exact moment of transit (ingress) to the north in declination. This time I calculated the coordinate as Ankara, the capital of Turkey, so we can use the houses for Turkey. This transit took place exactly on 28 January 2012. The next southward passage will take place in 2052. In other words, this chart is an important indicator covering all events between 2012 and 2052 by Uranus. Since the earthquake occurred in 2023, it falls between these years.  What do you see when we place the earthquake event chart on the Uranus declination Northern Ingress chart?

We can say that Mars in the earthquake event chart is directly conjunct the South lunar node of the inner chart. Also, the lunar nodes in the earthquake event chart are located exactly on the Mc / Ic axis of the Ankara coordinated declination chart. Also, if you analyse, the north node of Mars is at 12° Aries and is directly conjunct Chiron at the time of the earthquake.

These analyses allow us to catch details by keeping the perspective wide. Apart from these, of course, it is necessary to make locational studies. This can be the subject of another article. Especially since it affects the country, it is an important tactic to make a composite chart derived from the chart of the event and the chart of the country. By analysing the transits on it, we can predict what the first interventions will be after the earthquake. Likewise, you can examine what has changed 1 year after the earthquake with this technique…

As we know, the earthquake brought not only material losses but also psychological wounds. For this reason, the mourning process should not be limited to a single day; it is important that the society supports each other in the healing process. The pain experienced together will be alleviated with the hopes shared together.

This month is exactly a month when we experience the nature of Aquarius. Aquarius means unity. It means socialism, it means being equal. For this reason, on the anniversary of the Maraş earthquake, while commemorating those we have lost, it is necessary to remember once again the importance of being a strong society by tightly clinging to each other. 

While 0° Pluto is in Aquarius, we have our personal planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars) conjunct it this month. Here, we should evaluate the mourning process in the light of Pluto. The anniversary should also be considered as a new beginning to raise awareness of the earthquake risk and for the society to be prepared for disasters. Commemorating the past is the first step to build the future, and as a whole country, we should be ready to take this step together.

With awareness,

Experimental astrologer



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