The war between Israel and Palestine continues to affect the whole world. Before the events  unfolded, we witnessed politicians investing in the war and defense industry through the stock  market. Significant changes in economic parameters globally raise many different questions… 

Astrology, on the other hand, always allows us to evaluate events from a holistic point of view. We  can observe the whole picture through the charts. In this context, we should know that eclipses are  an important factor in our observation of world events.  

In mundane astrology, we can observe the effects of disasters, civil wars, genocides, cold wars, major  economic depressions, revolutions, acts of terrorism and hot wars that we see today. 

There are many factors in mundane astrology that can point to important turning points: – Major planetary cycles 

– Planetary conjunctions 

– Declination Cycles 

– Comets 

– Solar flares and sunspot cycles 

– Saros Cycles 

– Ingresses 

– Mars cycles and retrogrades 

and Eclipses 

We can roughly summarize the headlines in this way. Since we are facing these events on the eve of  a total eclipse, we also need to evaluate what came before. 

As you know, Jupiter and Saturn made a conjunction at the end of 2020. This conjunction marked a  special time cycle, which was the 240-year elemental cycle transition with the resources we have had  since Ptolemy. We have already mentioned that the power is now shifting towards the air elemental  zone.

If we determine the region centered on the world map of Ptolemy’s time from the book “Astrology of  the World I: The Ptolemaic Inheritance” by Benjamin Dykes, who made great contributions to  astrology with his valuable translations and research articles, according to the four regions we draw  from this center point, the air element remains on the north-east side. 

Notice that Ukraine is located on the vertical line, and there have been consecutive large-scale  earthquakes in Turkey and Syria on the horizontal line. 

If we say that the celestial energy has changed direction with the effect of the major planetary  conjunction, we can state that this change has also led to changes in the socio-economic order of  other large capital countries.  

While the vertical line is pitting America and Russia against each other, the horizontal line is creating  changes in the governance systems of important regions such as Arabia, China, India and Taiwan. 

America’s main strategy in World War II, which brought atomic bombs to the world, was to make  important moves for the cold war with Russia that would last for years. One of these was the “Green  Belt” configuration.  

Starting from Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Iran,  Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, the US made strategic moves to add Islamic culture  and value to the Green Belt. In this way, the Russian regime would remain within its borders and the  world would run its economy on the US currency. 

Starting in 1939, WWII was astrologically under the influence of the Saturn Jupiter conjunction cycle  (1940 conjunction). This conjunction was in Taurus. The next conjunction in 1960 was again in the  earth element Capricorn and this time the Vietnam war was seen. In the cold war cycle that lasted  until 1990, when the USSR dissolved, the earth element emphasis was now complete. Even in 1981,  Jupiter conjunct Saturn was in Libra, the air element, and loose monetary policy started in the US  economy. They experienced an important process we call deep recession. 

As you can see, by observing the cycles, we can realize what the transits trigger. As we work not only  with these two planets, but also with the cycles of other major generation planets, we can unravel  much deeper layers. Let’s stay on topic here and get to the point we need to understand. The war we  are observing right now is not limited to the region where it is taking place. It is changing the balance  of the whole world. 

Eclipses are the triggers of these great cycles. On October 14th, before the Solar Eclipse, the war  started. Let us know that traditional astrologers have also considered the events that take place  before the eclipse within the eclipse energy. 

For the world events that coincide with these moments that we call pre-eclipse, ancient astrologers  have said the following: The events that take place before the eclipse (about 2 months) work 

depending on fate. In other words, we cannot intervene in the matters described by the eclipse  chart, we do not have the will. They are the stories of the unfolding of pre-planned actions, and we  cannot bring these effects towards resolution. 

Again, the ancients said that if the eclipse takes place on the south lunar node side, its effects will  result in negativity and loss. We observe this situation again in the eclipse chart. In addition, the star  Denebola, which we observe in civil unrest, rebellion, revolution and conflictual events, is aligned  parallel to Jupiter in this eclipse. Jupiter in Taurus is an important indicator affecting beliefs. 

We can associate beliefs, foreign cultures, political administration and global trade with Jupiter. The  star Denebola unfortunately describes great conflicts that are irresistible under these topics. Also,  Ceres, the asteroid describing genocides, is in conjunction with the star Acrux at 12° Scorpio in the  eclipse chart. The star Acrux is the alpha star of the constellation Crux, which symbolizes Christianity  and the balance between beliefs with its cross-shaped appearance. Ptolemy attributed this star to  the nature of Jupiter. 

Another important aspect in the eclipse chart is Venus opposition Saturn. Ptolemy says in aphorism  LXXX: If Venus is conjunct Saturn and has any ruler in the 7th house, one will have a fake origin. 

We can adapt this aphorism to the eclipse as follows. Eclipse lord Venus is placed in a separeting  opposition to Saturn. Opposite aspects can work like the 7th house. Therefore, the opposing aspect  in the eclipse chart has traces that a false image is being created in the public opinion about the  Israeli attacks. 

Ptolemy in his aphorism XCVII: “If the lord of the new moon or the full moon is in an angle, the  questioned event takes place quickly.”  

If we adapt this aphorism to the eclipse, the eclipse chart is also a new moon moment (solar eclipse)  and Venus, the Libra ruler, make a seperating aspect with Mars and Saturn. In fact, it indicates that  the event may take place in pre-planned actions. Or we can say that since the attacks took place  before the eclipse, the seperating aspects can give these dates.

Let’s take a look at AstroCartoGraphy: 

We see the lines formed by the planetary combinations of Pluto and Mars surrounding the Israel  region from two different sides. Mars, Pluto square unfortunately clearly shows the effects of war,  bombs, death etc. 

When we examine the lines; we see the DSC conjunction of the midpoint of luminaries (Sun, Moon)  and Pluto. (West side) In astrocartography, DSC conjunctions clearly explain strategies, country  borders and relations with other countries. But here Pluto, which affects the masses, unfortunately  indicates that events will be triggered that will affect not only the borders of the country but also the  whole world.

On the eastern side, we observe the line coming directly down from Lebanon. It also affects Israel  with an orb of 1°30′ (about 170km, 100mi), which means that if we create a chart in these regions at  the time of the eclipse, Mars and Pluto’s midpoints settlements will conjoin with Dsc at there.  Unfortunately, this is a direct indication of a hot war. 

Another technique we use in locational astrology is asteroids. Ana Andrade, who was our guest at the  Locational Astrology Webinars we organized in our school last year, conveyed to us her valuable  studies on place-named asteroids. In the light of these studies, we can examine the relationship with  Arabia regions while using Arabia asteroid in the charts. We can also use the asteroid called Israel  here. 

The asteroid Israel (7507) was discovered by Frank Pieter Israel, a Dutch-born retired astronomer and  professor who heads the organization Skepsis. The asteroid is in the ASC placement in the war onset  moment chart and is in a 20° exact square aspect to the Moon, which indicates the people in world  astrology. 

Recently, the esteemed Maurice Fernandez also made a post referring to the Israel asteroid. For this  reason, we observe that asteroids shed light on the events in world astrology through shares in the  international area. 

The asteroid Arabia (1157) is named after the Arabian Peninsula and was discovered by astronomer  Karl Reinmuth at the Heidelberg Observatory. It is in exact conjunction with Venus, the ruler of the  eclipse sign Libra, at 5°.  

We can associate Venus with politics and policy. They are in mutual reception with Mercury in Libra.  We should pay attention to the connection of the war with Arab countries. Venus, the lord of the  Libra stellium in the chart, indicates that the Arab countries have strategic importance in this war and  are in a position to determine the direction of the war.

There is no element of fire in the chart in terms of planetary placements (except Chiron and North  Node). I can state with my experimental studies that fire works more emphatically in this type of  charts. If there is no fire element in the sky, it is tried to be present on earth. In short, the lack of fire  in the sky increases the presence of moves such as chaos, action, provocation, action, attack. 

I wish all wars to end as soon as possible… 

Thank you, 

Experimental Astrologer 

Kenan Yasin BÖLÜKBAŞI 


∙ I would like to thank Tania Daniels who worked like a bee for the first attack chart and  blended current information with ancient astrological knowledge. 

∙ Asteroid studies belong to Ana Andrade. In 2022, I would like to thank her for her work in the  webinars on Locational Astrology at the Experimental Astrology Academy. 

∙ Astrocartography studies: I would like to thank the valuable work of Julija Simas, who uses  astrocartography lines as the Zodiacal in mundane astrology. 

∙ I would like to thank Maurice Fernandez for sharing valuable information on the use of  asteroids in mundane astrology. 

∙ I thank the esteemed Benjamin Dykes for the translation and aphorisms.

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